New music brewing

Lauren Kriss

When Juniors Jack DeCiutiis and PNG Co-Vice President Donelvan Thigpen met in middle school theatre class, they became instant friends. Both musicians, they bonded over their love of playing guitar and piano. In addition, DeCiutiis plays regular and Peruvian Box drums, the ukulele, and the harmonica.

According to DeCiutiis, they decided to form their band “Black Tea” after their friends asked them to perform together at a party. After one show, they were hooked.

“We both like playing music, and it was really fun,” Thigpen said.

Since then, the dynamic duo has co-written several songs and put a “Black Tea Twist” on popular songs like “Slow Dancing in a Burning Room” by John Mayer.

“Songs that are popular that we do a twist on get the best response from the audience,” Thigpen said.

However, the boys of Black Tea aren’t afraid to take on an old song.

“My favorite song to perform is “Hey Ya!” by Outkast because it’s just a fun song,” Thigpen said.

When they aren’t adapting crowd pleasers, they work on their own original songs.

“It’s a team effort, he writes the lyrics, I write the music,” DeCiutiis said.

Since their last performance at JB and Sandy’s Bikes for Kids sponsored by NHS, the musicians have been working on their latest project.

“We’re working on getting an album out this year with our originals and some covers on it,” Thigpen said.