New student government elected for upcoming year

Lauren Kriss

A new student government was elected this month. After strong campaigning on both sides former junior Class President Ben Jacobs bested junior Heidi Klein for Student Body President for 2014-2015. Klein became Student Body Historian.

The other student body cabinet positions were also filled. Sophomore Katey Todd will be next year’s Student Body Vice President, freshman Amanda Montanez will serve as Student Body Treasurer, freshman Ciara Alpert will be Student Body Secretary, and freshman Nathan Smith will be Student Body Reporter.

As for the senior class, Nathan Vu was elected President with Sally Kwon serving as Vice President and Sarah Alanis as Treasurer.

Maria Tangarova was elected President of next year’s junior class with Tristan Kuhn as Vice President, Jake Baker as Treasurer, and Briana Galvan-Barrera as Secretary.

Next year’s sophomore class government will consist of Kimberly Webb as President, Preethi Keerthipati as Vice President, Eunice Lee as Treasurer and Roxy Mota as Secretary.

The freshmen government will not be elected until this fall.