Scary Childhood Stories

Emilee Guernsey , Editor-in-chief

Everyone has experienced a story that sends chills up their spine. Here are some of The Wolfpack Staff’s favorite scary stories as children.

Anjali Sundaram– “Tick Tock” a spooky doll who comes alive when her owner no longer wants to play with her.

Avery Deen– “Breathe: A Ghost Story” a young boy who can see and speak with the dead.

Jordy Peterson– “Coraline” a parallel universe that comes back to haunt a young girl.

Victoria Sananikone– “Nightmare Before Christmas” although this story is not so scary, the idea of a skeleton as Santa Claus can give any kid the heebie jeebies.

Carlie Morgan– “The Ribbon” a woman always wore her scarf around her neck, and when asked to take it off the unimaginable happens, her head falls off.