Seasons choir hosts annual Princess Tea


Avery Deen

Seasons choir hosted the annual Princess Tea March 6 at 7pm and March 7 at 11am and 3pm in the Cafeteria. Young kids got to dress up as their favorite princes and princesses and had the chance to meet and take photos of the cast of princesses who performed on stage. “My favorite thing is seeing the wonder in the little girls and boys eyes when they come up to get autographs and pictures,” sophomore Faith Cox, who played Belle, said. “I love getting to be their hero and the feeling of having children love you is one of the greatest feelings ever.”

Seasons choir hosted the Princess Tea  on March 6 at 7 p.m. and March 7 at 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. in the cafeteria. Princess Tea is an annual concert held by the varsity choir where they sing Disney songs and host games like “Who Wants To Be A Princess?”

“Before the first show I was really nervous,” sophomore Faith Cox, who played Belle, said. “Before I walked out I was shaking like a little dog, I was so scared I would mess up and disappoint my director, my friends, the girls, and the children there, but as soon as Mia began to sing her solo I calmed down. My confidence grew and I was no longer nervous. With each show I felt more and more confident and I am so excited to do it again next year.”

Audience members were encouraged to dress up as their favorite princes and princesses and were able to take pictures and get autographs from their favorite princesses after the performance.

“Seeing kids dressed up is great, I love seeing the little Belle’s looking up to me and thinking that I’m the real Belle,” Cox said. “It was amazing to see the love and passion and wonder in their eyes. Of the few boys I saw there was one that left a lasting impression on me. He was dressed as prince Adam/The Beast and he came up to me and said that one day he hoped to marry someone like me. He said I was kind, beautiful, smart, independent, and fearless, just like his mom. I almost cried. I loved seeing the children and how hopeful they were and can’t wait to do this again next year.”

Each singer had a solo number, and the group did four songs together, “Be Our Guest” “Trashin’ The Camp” “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” and “When You Wish Upon A Star”. Pitch Black also joined in the festivities and performed “Kiss The Girl” “Bare Necessities” and “Nobody Knows The Troubles I’ve Seen” during the intermission.

“My favorite song is “When You Wish Upon A Star” because we sing it every year at the end of the show and it meant a lot to us when we realized it was the last time we’d all be singing it together,” senior Mia Trautz, who played Cinderella, said. “But my favorite part was when Bailey sang “Let it Go” because all of the children love her character so much. They rushed to the stage to sing along with her. It was adorable.”

Princess Tea is one of the biggest productions Seasons host, and each year it is attended by hundreds of ecstatic young children.

“Seeing the little girls dress up is really fun for us because they believe we’re the real  princesses from the movie and all they want to do is impress us with their costumes that match ours,” Trautz said. “Its every little girls dream to be a princess, so I love that I got to be a part of making that come true for them.”