Senior Spotlight: Liana Cannon


Sydney Miner

Finishing her high school career with 11 fine art credits including visual and performing arts, senior Liana Cannon has spent countless hours in the b-building and on stage. Starting in Art 1 her freshman year, Cannon progressed into drawing 2, then AP 2D design and finally AP drawing.

Her love of art has led her to help teach art at “The Studio at Cedar Park,” where Cannon hopes to share her love of art.

“[Art] changes how you see things in every day,” Cannon said. “It becomes easier to see beauty in things not necessarily conventionally beautiful, and in addition, you can create such things yourself.”

Along with being in art, Cannon has also been a part of the choir’s “Seasons” group and the marching band. From her time in choir, she says that her most memorable moment was easily the Princess Tea, which she had been able to become more involved with this year.

“As a senior, I was able to help write the show’s script,” Cannon said. “I also headed the painting, got a solo, and made my own costume.”

In her free time, Cannon enjoys dressing up and cosplaying at different conventions. During SXSW she attended the Gaming Expo and the Wizard World convention and in just a couple weeks she will be attending Dreamhack Austin for the second time.

At her last convention, she took home her first award as an advanced-tier cosplay competitor.

I get to embody my favorite characters and the people who see me get to see those characters brought to life,

— Liana Cannon

“Some of my favorites I’ve done include Zero from Code Geass and Lady Palutena from Kid Icarus Uprising,” Cannon said. “My crowning achievement is a personal revamp of Undyne the Undying from Undertale.”

Cannon says that she was always “that one kid” who took Halloween costumes to the next level. After hearing about conventions in her freshman year, she decided to become a part of them.

“I took it as my chance to incorporate my love of nerd culture and media characters into wearable fan art,” Cannon said. “I get to embody my favorite characters and the people who see me get to see those characters brought to life.”

After high school, Cannon hopes to study either at the Webster University in St. Louis or at the Savannah College of Art and Design to study game design, specifically concept art and animation.