Williamson named Sophomore of the Year


Lauren Campbell

Luke Williamson, 2014-15 Sophomore of the Year.

Anjali Sundaram

Every year, Key Club holds an annual competition called Sophomore of the Year. Sophomores apply through a college application process. There are four sections and competitors have to answer each question on a separate piece of paper, basically like an essay. It gives sophomores a chance to win prizes and get a feel of what it is like to apply for college. This year, sophomore Luke Williamson won the title.

“The reason I decided to apply for Sophomore of the Year was because I wanted something that would look good on my résumé when I was applying for colleges,” Williamson said.

During the writing portion of the essay, sophomores had to about topics such as promoting education, community service and extra-curricular activities they are involved in.

“I really loved talking about my involvement in Key Club in the writing portion of the essay because it is something I am really passionate about,” Williamson said.

Key Club isn’t the only extracurricular that Williamson is involved in. He is also actively involved in theater, and had a role in “Singin’ in the Rain”, the school’s spring musical as well as church, all while he takes Pre-AP and AP classes. He also enjoys photography, drawing and painting.

Winning sophomore of the year did not only mean that Williamson got something to put on his résumé, but he was also rewarded with a cash prize of $100. He found out about his prize while opening his mail.

“While I was opening the letter, my hands were shaking and I was nervous,” Williamson said. “Once I saw that I won, I was really excited and happy because I have worked hard in school and it was exciting to see it pay off by getting Sophomore of the Year.”