Summer is here and keeping students busy

Lizzy Lamm

There are many activities to participate in over the summer. Many CPHS students are traveling, going to camp, or just hanging out with friends.

Junior Quynh Nguyen will be traveling out of the country this summer for her Spanish class.

“This summer I’ll be spending two weeks in Lima and Cusco, Peru,” Nguyen said. “During the stay I will be immersed directly into Peruvian culture and because of this, we will be speaking in Spanish our entire stay there.”

The group traveling there will also be visiting historical places such as Machu Pichu.

“We’ll be taking advantage of the opportunity to improve our Spanish speaking and listening skills,” Nguyen said. “Something we don’t get to practice much during the school year.”

Freshman Tina Smart will be one of the students traveling to another state.

“I’m going to California this summer,” Smart said. “I used to love there so I’m really excited to see my old friends and go back to the beach.”

Junior Alex Medina is excited about her summer, too.

“I’m going to the vans warped tour for the fifth time in San Antonio,” Medina said. “The lineup is pretty great. I’m also going to Float Fest in August and I’m going on a beach trip to Port A with my friends.”

Sophomore Katy Stevenson will be traveling to her summer camp.

“I’ll be attending to my diabetic camp, Camp Sweeney, for three weeks this summer,” Stevenson said. “I’m also going to hang out with lots of my friends at camp and also while I’m at home.”

Sophomore Tiffany Klopper, like Nguyen, is traveling out of country.

“I’m going to Costa Rica over the summer,” Klopper said. “We’re going to be there for three weeks. I’m really excited for it.”

Junior Haley Speich will be staying at the A&M campus for a week.

“I’m going to take college classes on animation.” Speich said. “I’m super excited because this is my second year going and I get to see my friends that I met last year.”

So, while some are traveling, practicing a sport, or just chilling at home watching Netflix, CPHS students are to make the most of these next three months.