Time for powderpuff

Chris Collins

Powderpuff football is rolling into Cedar Park with practices for the anticipated game starting this week. The game is set to be played at 6:00 p.m. on Apr. 25. The game was actually very close to being cancelled this year, as school officials were concerned about the overly competitive and very aggressive disposition of the event.

Despite those concerns, student council has been working closely with the principals to adjust the game from a competitive event to more of an entertaining event.

School officials are also trying to make the game more of community wide event, similar to the ‘Meet the Timberwolves’ event last Fall.  The Celebrities are preparing a group for a guys dance during halftime, and school groups will be offering concessions, face painting for the younger kids, and possibly selling popcorn in the stands.

This year there will be two Faculty head coaches for each team. Chris Cieri and Adam Babich will head coach the seniors and Carlos Montoya and Greg Graham will head coach the juniors. In addition to the staff coaches, senior boys and junior boys will be coaching the team. For the seniors Cameron Kramr, Tanner Burnett will be coaching, and for the juniors David Tieres and Chad Whitehead.