The Wolfpack

Straight to the Point

Sophomore Tamara Eslava practices fencing at the Texas Fencing Academy. Eslava began fencing a few months ago after she was inspired by the

Morgan Kasel, Reporter

November 12, 2019

Sword fighting may seem like something meant only for Musketeer movies and adventure books, however, for sophomore Tamara Eslava, fencing has become more than something out of a fantasy; it has become a major part of her life.  "At first I was kind of scared thinking I would never get the hang...

A1 Tips to go D1

Celebrating senior night, senior Jaelyn Grimm is honored at the game. Grimm will be attending Anderson University next fall. “I’m really excited to be able to compete with older girls and get that level of play, when I’m used to the high school level,

Addy Bates, Reporter

November 12, 2019

From larger sports like football and volleyball to smaller sports like tennis and bowling, certain high school athletes hope to play at the collegiate level in the future. During the end of athlete's junior year and the beginning of their senior year, hopeful athletes have already begun the recruiti...

Bags Full Of Bags

Timberwolves For The Environment club members work on creating mats, bags, and even pillows out of plastic bags. These products will be sold for the clubs benefit and they will also be donated to the homeless.

Ava Caldwell, Reporter

November 11, 2019

With donations pouring in, Timberwolves for The Environment decided to take charge and reuse plastic bags for a better cause. Science teacher and Timberwolves For The Environment sponsor, Shannon Mcpherson, originally took over this project when a neighbor could no longer participate. Now, the clu...

The Rise After The Fall

Filling the dome with sound, the Cedar Park High School band performs at the UIL State Championships. They won their third consecutive state championship on November 5.

Noah Hedges, Reporter

November 7, 2019

Marching productions for the Cedar Park band come with about a year of thought. As soon as one season ends, directors are already finding music to put into a show, along with different concepts to go with the musical selections. This season, the production came after a disheartening end to the 2018 s...

Thirty One Days of Ink

An ink drawing created during Inktober this year by Sophomore Avery Reese. She took up the challenge of Inktober this year, a thirty one item prompt list that encourages artists to draw one thing every day during the month of October, preferably in an ink medium.“Inktober is an exciting time of year for artists all around the globe,” Reese said. “Each prompt is one word, like ‘ring’, or ‘ghost’, and you put your own creative twist on the prompt every day. It’s called Inktober because your daily illustrations should be in ink. I usually just use a pen, and sometimes I color my Inktober pieces, too.”

Emily Mahoney, Reporter

November 6, 2019

With art prompts like “Enchanted” and “Ancient” in addition to an online community of millions, who wouldn’t be inspired to create? Joining artists of all levels of skill and walks of life, sophomore Avery Reese took up the challenge of Inktober this year, a thirty one item prompt list tha...

ASL Honor Society Attends Texas School For The Deaf Homecoming

Students from the ASL Honor Society attended this community event on Oct.12 to practice signing and immerse themselves in Deaf culture. Senior president of the honor society, Kristyn Stephenson, is no stranger to the event as well as other interactions with the Deaf community. “[They are] a wonderful community of people whose stunning language and bold friendliness have allowed them not only to bond with each other but also to open their arms to people of any other culture,” Stephenson said.

Emily Mahoney, Reporter

November 1, 2019

While weaving through crowds in a large courtyard lined with booths selling jewelry and t-shirts in addition to clamoring to order food and socialize, the last thing you might expect to hear is near silence. Under a calm overcast sky, the Texas School for the Deaf’s homecoming event was anything b...

Good Morning, Buenos Días

The Spanish Wolfcast, or El Wolfcast, is filmed on Thursdays and airs on the CPHS News YouTube Channel on Fridays. Broadcast students, with the help of broadcast adviser Anthony Garcia, created the Spanish Wolfcast in order to reach out to the Spanish-speaking community at Cedar Park.

Morgan Kasel, Reporter

November 1, 2019

Most days, students start their mornings in Den with an episode of the Wolfcast where they have the opportunity to keep up to date with news going on at school as well as be entertained by shows like 'Doctor Love' and 'Cooking with Claire.' This year broadcast students, with the help of broadcast adviser...

From Script to Stage

Celebrating the conclusion of the first

Ally JohnPress, Reporter

October 25, 2019

The world premiere. A high school theatre class. Names forever written on the playbill. Two nights of pure comical entertainment. The experience of a lifetime. On Oct. 18-19, the theatre department got the unique opportunity of performing a play called “Stage Parents” especially written for them...

The Concept of Clubs

Timberwolves for the Environment members work on converting plastic bags to mats and pillows. These newly converted mats and pillows will be donated to the homeless. “You really feel good when you are making these things for other people because we get to deliver the mats and when we deliver it to the homeless and they are really appreciative of it,” junior club officer Savanna Laughlin said. “It’s really eye opening like, ‘wow we have it really good’ and just spending one hour after school can make such a difference in a person’s life.”

Ava Caldwell, Reporter

October 18, 2019

Meet the Timberwolves brought in so many clubs for students to explore, but there is always more than meets the eye on a little pamphlet paper. Cedar Park is home to many clubs where students can join and meet people with similar interests.  With many different opportunities, Spanish Club offers a fun way...

Cedar Park Destroys Georgetown’s Momentum in First Test of Season

Finding the ball, junior WR Preston Scott prepares to catch the ball to put 6 points on the board. Scott and the timberwolves fought hard to beat Georgetown 38-15.

Noah Hedges, Reporter

October 16, 2019

The game against Georgetown for the past few years has always been full of drama and excitement. In 2017, the Wolves were able to put up a comeback performance to win 28-27 after Mak Sexton fractured his femur, and in 2018, the game against Georgetown was essentially a dog fight, but the Wolves came...

FFA Preview: Competitions to Come, State Ahead

Talking with students, senior FFA treasurer Jeffery Morphis shows the animals on display at Meet the Timberwolves on Aug. 22. With FFA's floral and entomology teams placing 37th and 19th at State last year, FFA members are off the a quick start this year with competition in mind. “I love competing in Entomology contests,” Morphis said. “I got 37th individual [at] state last year, and hopefully will get to the top ten this year. I’m also looking forward to the major stock show season, and hope to hit up all six Texas major shows.” 

Morgan Kasel, Reporter

October 11, 2019

While most students were relaxing and enjoying time away from school over the summer, FFA members were preparing for a competition in Belton, Texas as well as events taking place during the school year. The members placed well at the Belton competition and are off to a quick start this year with State...

The Last Game

Senior student captains are entering their last game season of their high school career, and feeling all of the emotions along with it. Celebrities lieutenant Brynn Carr has been dancing since she was young and and said that she couldn't believe that this season would be her last. “I never thought I would be the person facing all of the lasts,” Carr said. “It is a crazy feeling knowing that it is my last season. I definitely want to take in every moment with this team and give my all in every practice and performance, because I know that I will miss it so much when it’s over.”

Kieren Garner, Reporter

October 8, 2019

As the 2019-2020 school year continues, as well as game season, the class of 2020 is looking back and reminiscing on their high school years. Senior captains of all teams are looking at their last game season as they prepare for the future and think back on everything being part of a team has taught...

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