The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

The Yerd Life: Back in School

The Yerd Life: Back in School

Rachana Kommineni, Reporter January 21, 2022

Striking a pose, sophomore Aidan Johnson performs the song Money, Money, Money for the Pitch Black performance on Dec. 10. Johnson is a member of show choir and Varsity Mens Choir. “There’s definitely a bit of rushing to it, Johnson said. We don’t have a ton of time. But it’s really brought us together because we’ve had a ton of work to do, and we’ve gotten it done. We’ve been learning our music and it’s actually been going really well because this is the first real year that we have a show choir. So with that said we’re doing really well.”

Under the Spotlight

Madison Shields, Reporter December 13, 2021

After its first year being completely on Zoom, the show choir is finally able to perform on stage with the bright lights and audience they were waiting for. At their first concert of the year on Oct....

Summer is a time for fun, warm weather and spending time with family and friends. I cant wait to finally be able to see more people this summer, junior Sarah Johnson said. I havent really been able to see my family as much as I wanted too due to COVID, why is why this summer will be special.

Suntime Funtime

Isaiah Prophet, Reporter May 25, 2021

High temperatures, ice cream and vacations all over the country. Summertime is approaching fast, and with it comes the promise of relaxation and a break from responsibility. Hopefully, with the turn of...

Senior Abby Cheek smiles for the camera. Cheek has been a member of many organizations in school, from leading Fellowship of Christian Athletes , to being an editor in yearbook and being a member of National Honor Society and other clubs. “All of these activities have helped me learn so much about myself and meet lots of new people,” Cheek said. I can’t wait to jump into college and get involved there, as well.”

Just Do It

Grace Cox, Guest Reporter May 24, 2021

As she hops from Zoom to Zoom, she has her daily agenda going through her head. Between honor societies, various clubs, work and a social life, senior Abby Cheek has a lot on her mind. However Cheek said...

In front of a tree, Senior Micah Lin smiles for a picture. Although Lin plans to attend college, he is preparing to join the marine reserves before continuing his formal education. The marine corps reserves would give me an opportunity to take a break from the conventional school routine and give me irreplaceable life skills, Lin said. I couldnt imagine myself studying for another four years without doing something different and meaningful.”

Anchors Away

Kaiya Wilkinson, Reporter May 24, 2021

Graduating high school is a big step that leads to big changes for most seniors. For some it is college, for others it may be a gap year, but for senior Micah Lin it means training hard to be in the marine...

Smiling, senior newspaper Editor-in-Chief Estefani Rios poses for her senior photos. Rios said her experiences throughout high school has fully prepared her for her future and what’s next. Being Editor-in-Chief of the Wolfpack has been the most incredible experience of my life,” Rios said. “Im eternally grateful and thankful to Mrs. Hert and Deana Trautz for giving me the opportunity. The position has not only helped me develop as a writer and leader but also as a person. It will be weird to not have my day to day life surrounded by article deadlines to meet or stories to edit and publish, but Im ready for the next step in my life.

Wonder Writer

Abby Cheek, Guest Reporter May 21, 2021

As a freshman in high school, stepping into Lab 7, now 2102, senior Estefani Rios didn't know what she was getting herself into. Taking Paige Hert’s journalism’s class was an unexpected surprise, as...

Letterman jacket on and sunglasses on her head,  junior Barbra Sylvester smiles for her first day of junior year. Barbra has dedicated most of her time to Key Club for the past two years and has recently earned recognition for her efforts. The main idea of Key Club is volunteering, Sylvester said. They provide service opportunities and give members the chance to help give back to the community.

Leadership Through Service

Rachana Kommineni, Reporter May 21, 2021

Recently, junior Key Club webmaster Barbara Sylvester was granted two Kiwanis, or Key Club Awards: The G. Harold Martin Fellowship Award and the Distinguished Website Award. For The G. Harold Martin Fellowship...

After running the 3200m event with a time of 10:26.49 at the track State Competition on May 7, freshman Isabel Conde De Frankenberg shows off her first medal of the day. Conde De Frankenberg also earned silver for her time of 2:09.21 in the 800m event. “It felt amazing to earn a gold medal at state,” Conde de Frankenberg said. “It was very exciting to know that my training over the season paid off. This state competition was very memorable to me because it was my first [state] competition, so it was just really exciting being able to go out there as a freshman and accomplishing what I did.”

One Track Mind

Estefani Rios, Editor-in-Chief May 19, 2021

On May 7 & 8 the girls and boys track and field teams competed at the State meet at UT Austin, with three reaching the podium, including one gold medal for the 3200m run by freshman Isabel Conde De...

Next to hurdles, senior Erika Arthur poses during a team photoshoot. Arthurs main events, are the hurdles as well as distance events. I had the best time running with my teammates, Arthur said. It makes your accomplishments that much better when you have people to support you.

The It Girl

Isaiah Prophet, Reporter May 19, 2021

The modern high school experience is an experience, to say the least. Whether you spend your time focusing on being the best student you can be or making the most out of the last few moments of childhood...

Focusing on the path in front, senior Meghan Wilcox competes at the state track meet on May 7. Wilcox participated in multiple events, including 200m and long jump, and placed third in the 100m. “The 100m [has] always been my favorite,” Wilcox said. “It’s always pushed me to perfect my running and push myself to my top speeds. It’s also just a lot of fun to run that fast since you can’t maintain top speed past a 100m.”

Track Trek

Morgan Kasel, Assistant Editor May 18, 2021

Legs pumping, heart pounding, senior Meghan Wilcox pushes past the other competitors, the finish line in sight. After working to become the best she can be for the past few years, Wilcox will continue...

Showing off her commitment to the University of California at Los Angeles, senior Claire OKeefe smiles proudly. OKeefe plans to major in neuroscience on a pre-med track and become a psychiatrist or neurologist. For my future vocation, I aspire to be a doctor of some sort that can help save and impact lives, OKeefe said. Any specialty of doctor where I can save lives or the quality of life for people is rewarding.”

Healing Hands

Ally JohnPress, Reporter May 17, 2021

She’s got it all. From being the Varsity Debate captain to working with Music Eunited and being a juror at the municipal teen court, senior Claire O’Keefe is not short of passion and diligence for...

In her cheer uniform, senior Kaitlyn Armstrong poses for her senior pictures. According to Armstrong, to be a true cheerleader one must have the passion and willingness to adjust.  “To me, it’s essential to be dedicated, self-motivated and flexible to be a cheerleader,” Armstrong said. “Of course, skills are important, however, since our schedule sometimes is based around other sports, our schedules can change easily, thus flexibility.

Loud and Proud

Estefani Rios, Editor-in-Chief May 14, 2021

During sporting events, the cheer team hypes up the crowd with their perfectly timed stunts and synchronized chants. From their own State Spirit Championships in Fort Worth on Jan. 13 and 14, they loaded...

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