Media Monday: Sarah J Maas Announces “Queen of Shadows” TV Adaptation


Avery Deen

Sarah J. Maas reveals the news to fans at the Sept. 7 book signing at BookPeople in Austin.

Avery Deen, Reporter

Hulu has announced on Sept. 7 that they will be producing a TV adaptation of the “Throne of Glass” series by Sarah J Maas. The book series has taken off in popularity since the first book released in 2012, drawing in readers with it’s interesting and diverse characters and it high fantasy plot. The day after the fifth book, “Empire of Storms,” was released, they announced the TV show had been picked up. The show will be called “Queen of Shadows,” after the title of the fourth book.

The director is Anna Foerster (director of “Outlander” and “Underworld: Blood Wars”) and the writer is Kira Snyder (producer of “The 100” and writer of the upcoming “Pacific Rim: Maelstrom”). Fans can look forward to knowing that, though the show will air sometime around 2018, there will be at least two more book releases before then, one for the final book in the series, and one for her next series of novelas.