Weezer – “Feels Like Summer” Track Review

Perry Jamail, Reporter

After only a little less than a full year from the release of their latest full album, the White album, “Weezer” has presented their first released single off of the upcoming “Black Album,” “Feels Like Summer.”

“Weezer” gained their popularity in the early 90’s in the alternative rock genre with the release of their self-titled debut album, “The Blue Album.” Since their triple-platinum debut
success, “Weezer” has pulled off many great songs in many different albums, mostly sticking to the alternative rock scene. In this newest track released by the group, “Weezer” is clearly making a statement of exploring a new pop style and wandering away from the old classic “Weezer” rock sounds.

Many fans who have stuck with lead singer for “Weezer,” Rivers Cuomo, since the glory days of “Buddy Holly” and ‘Undone” in 1994, might have a strong opinion on the future of the
band and on the preview of the “Black Album” we got from “Feels Like Summer.” Many “Weezer” fans are raving on social media of the disappointing pop experimentation the band seems to be doing with the “Black Album,” while others are praising the new single and hope the band continues in the direction they are headed with future content.

“Weezer’s” new single, “Feels Like Summer” was released in March 2017, and is available for purchase on iTunes and Google Play and the band will most likely be performing
their newest single at every performance they do until the release of the full album sometime this year.