Student Feature: Kendall Lyons; You’ve probably never heard of him

Martin Driskill

Senior Kendall Lyons, a truly obscure individual? No. As the “Second most famous person on the Wolfcast” he is far from obscure. Undoubtedly, you’ve seen him around the halls wearing delightfully unique clothing and muttering sweet nothings to himself. As unique as this man may be, you’ll be surprised to know that he is much like you and me.

Like many men, Lyons simply wants to “live a life free of belaboring.” Lyons prefers to relax with friends, but ironically keeps himself quite busy. As you may know Lyons is a staple of the day as the DJ for the lovely tunes you hear between classes, and one of many hosts on the Wolfcast. When he first joined Wolfcast, back before it was the cool thing to do, Lyons had joined with hopes of improving upon what the Wolfcast was in years prior.  Lyons was always interested in radio and even considered stand-up comedy.

When Lyons does have down time, he enjoys playing guitar. He has been playing for five years now, mostly meddling in blues, jazz, indie and shoegaze.

“I’m kind of a renaissance man,” Lyons said.

After graduation Lyons plans to take classes at ACC and later transfer to the University of Texas at Austin to seek a Forensic Psychology degree.  After that, Lyons hopes to go to law school. To meet this truly unique man, ask around, as he is a large icon here at Cedar Park someone is sure to have seen him.