A new Lilly coming to Target stores

Lauren Kriss, Editor-In-Chief

If you haven’t heard yet, Lilly Pulitzer is ganging up with Target to produce a 250 piece collection with 15 exclusive prints. The collection, which will focus on summer and resort-wear styles, will come out on April 19.

The reactions to the new Lilly for Target line were perhaps even more newsworthy than finding out Starbucks, Target and Lilly Pulitzer would all be in the same place, forming a girl Mecca.

Below are some of my favorite, and most vile, reactions to Target’s newest designer collaboration.


The winner for the most disgusting troll remark. If you just felt the urge to favorite or retweet this, you need to go on a humble pie diet.


While there were way to many tweets about “Lilly spinning in her grave,” as if a dead person would be bothered by making a lot more money, many more Pulitzer fans were excited.

Some a little too much.



Some social media personalities even challenged the haters, including my favorite “Alabama Prep”


She’s got a thing or two right.


Personally, I don’t even like Lilly Pulitzer. I’m more excited for the possibility of other high end collaborations with Target. I’m tired of the idea that only expensive clothing can be high fashion.