Austin’s rodeo ropes in Sublime


Hunter-Rose Comtois, reporter

Getting a text from my boyfriend’s mom asking me if I wanted to go to Austin’s rodeo was almost an immediate “no” until she mentioned Sublime.

Growing up in New England, I’ve never been to a rodeo, it’s not part of our lifestyle. When I had to move to Texas five years ago, I did not want to embrace the southwest’s way of life because I wanted to hold on to the culture of northeast and spread it to the southwest. Dating a Texan did not make that easy.

I am forced to do southernwestern activities and the rodeo was no exception. I honestly didn’t feel the need to watch bulls buck on a Wednesday evening, but after considering, and weighing the options, I said yes.

Sublime and rodeos don’t mix because rodeos are about country living, cattle wrangling, cowgirl dancing activities and Sublime is a ska punk and alternative rock music band originating from Long Beach, California.

When I got to the rodeo, I was pleasantly welcomed by a carnival. I had no idea that the rodeo involved a carnival, and it was quite reassuring. I thought to myself “hey, this is not that bad.” I went on the Ferris wheel, I played carnival games and lost, and I tried this new food to me called “funnel cake” (which was almost equivalent to the fried dough up north except it has a bumpy texture on top rather than being smooth).

I watched as one man taunts the bull and gets hit hard, thrown to the dirt ground, and lays lifeless. Is this part of the show, or is he hurt? He remained on the ground for ten or so minutes and finally, with the assistance of a few other men, the announcer tells the crowd he is alright and the bull-bucking is over.

The tickets my boyfriend’s mom scored us for the rodeo also allowed us to get into The Founder’s Club for free.

I got my soda and headed downstairs because the show was soon to start. There was a moment to transition where a lot of the rodeo viewers left and people dressed in all black showed up, obviously here for Sublime.

The lights dimmed and the show began. It was a great show despite the odd setting. Since the original singer for Sublime died some time back, I had wondered who would sing and if they’d be any good.

The guy who sang that night was a guy named “Rome.” He did awesome. The show ended, I got a t-shirt  (by the way it was so expensive I had a heart attack). Got home pretty late for a school night, but it was worth it. I had a good evening at rodeo, never thought I’d say that. Not bad for a rodeo, old southwest.