The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School

The Wolfpack

Hands flying up and down the bass clarinet, Giovani Lang-pale belts out a tune within the confines of his personal practice room. “Its incredible,” Lang-pale said. “The feeling, the feeling that you feel whenever youre like, okay, I did this. Nice. That was good. Now I have to think about this. Okay, Im doing this. Look over there. Look at this. Its really cool to have your brain be able to process so many things simultaneously while youre running. Youre marching. Youre playing. And its really hard to. Which is what makes it fun, you know?”

Gio-Logical Legend

Cason Johnson, Reporter March 12, 2024

Silence fills the room as order of the judges, who stare across the room at the standalone figure. The player clutches his instrument close to his chest in anticipation, the instrument composed of a series...

Hands lightly strumming the strings, senior Frank Song performs at a competition in China with his acoustic guitar in hand. Song has been singing for three years, accompanied by six years of playing guitar. “I value the impact of the music the most,” Song said. “Shawn Mendez is definitely one of the most inspirational musicians I know when I was starting to learn guitar and singing.” Photo courtesy of Frank Song

Heal Them with Music

Cason Johnson, Reporter March 6, 2024

The crowd falls silent as the hands hit the strings. The music slowly becomes louder and louder for the audience. The distractions and worries disappear from senior Frank Song’s mind, and the only thing...

Olivia Rodrigos newest album, GUTS was released in September. in All 12 songs included were rated from 1-10, and attached is my favorite lyric from each song. Graphic created by Kacey Miller

Cason’s Controversial Album Review

Cason Johnson, Reporter November 7, 2023

Olivia Rodrigo’s new album "GUTS" has made quite a name for itself, mainly because I have to be reminded of “how good it is” every single day by my Olivia-Rodrigo-enthusiast classmates. Eventually...

Microphone in hand, sophomore Grayson Levee records his voice for his next song. Levee has put together seven different orchestral covers, his longest longest piece is a “Star Wars” tribute titled “The Force” lasting 7 minutes and 15 seconds. “During the school week, I don’t compose very much due to homework and other after school activities, but I would say I spend two to three hours each weekend working on composing mainly orchestral pieces, although sometimes I enjoy simplicity, so I write a piano piece,” Levee said.

Shooting for Superstar Status

Cason Johnson, Reporter October 25, 2023

Silence fills the PAC, followed by anticipation. The first few notes echo behind closed curtains, steadily getting faster and faster. The curtains slowly open revealing the master behind the melody, sophomore...

As part of Ben Rector’s Old Friends Acoustic Tour from 2023 to 2024, Rector made a stop in Sandy, Utah on Oct. 7. Performing in the concert were Ben Rector, Jordy Searcy, and Austin Goodloe. The concert took place in the outdoor Sandy Amphitheater with three musical instruments: the keyboard, guitar, and bass.

Extraordinary Magic

Kaydence Wilkinson, Reporter October 18, 2023

The trunk of the car slammed shut with a resounding thump. It had been a long day climbing in the American Fork Canyon in Utah, and we were all ready to get home and shower. Our good mood, however, was...

Bassist Cameron Picton (left) & singer and guitarist Geordie Greep (right) perform their song “953” at Mohawk in downtown Austin. The band played a packed setlist of some of their most popular songs, like “John L,” “Speedway” and “Slow” alongside lesser-known tunes such as “Despair” and “Askance.”

Hellfire in Austin

Caleb Taylor, Reporter October 26, 2022

CONTENT WARNING: THIS ALBUM’S LYRICS CONTAIN HARSH LANGUAGE AND ADULT THEMES. Frantic, exploding drums; deafening basslines; intricate guitar picking; all from seemingly nowhere. Abruptly, it cuts...

South by Southwest is a city wide festival held here in Austin that showcases Music, Film and technology. This year, after a two-year hiatus due to COVID-19, South By Southwest was held from Mar. 11-20 and had venues spread around the city containing conferences, movie premieres, live music and many appearances from celebrities. “It was pretty cool,” junior Jack Polishook said. “I only did the free stuff because I didn’t have one of the passes but there was a lot of variety. There were cool art shows, there was a lot of cool music, there were a lot of people giving out free stuff, all of these companies giving out free things.”

Back and Better Than Ever

Isa Morgan, Reporter April 11, 2022

It’s back. Returning to its wide audience of high-end media connoisseurs, after a two-year hiatus, showcasing new and upcoming entertainment exclusively premiered at this city-wide event. Talk spreads...

Jamming out, The Loops rehearse music by Nirvana before learning new songs. “I wanted to create a band because I wanted an outlet for my friends and me to continue to grow musically and to build the bond we have,” junior Luke Ferguson said. “I love playing with the band because at that moment nothing else matters besides the song. You can really set aside worries and anxieties and just focus on making music.”

Rock and Roll Here to Stay, With Help of The Loops

Addy Bates, Reporter March 29, 2019

With the inspiration from famous bands such as The Beatles, Pink Floyd and even Van Halen, a local band formed by four juniors hopes to make their dreams of being successful musicians become a reality. ...

An iconic mixtape, re-released on all streaming services for its tenth anniversary.

So Far Gone, An October’s Very Own Presentation: Re-Released

Jalen Gomez, Reporter February 20, 2019

Nostalgia is a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations. One thing that a lot of people tend to have nostalgia with is music,...

Gnash released his debut album on Jan. 11, 2019.

“I Would Hit Rewind”

Estefani Rios, Reporter January 23, 2019

On Friday, Jan. 11, Gnash, an American singer-songwriter and producer, released his 13 track debut album “We.” The album has been anticipated by many of his supporters, including me, after his last...

Juice WRLD released an album with many impressive songs. He is rumored to release an album with Future in the near future.

999 – Turn the “WRLD” Around

Noah Hedges, Reporter September 11, 2018

 aA little over a year ago, Illinois-born artist Jarad Higgins gave the go to release his newest work. As September of 2018 rolls around, Jarad Higgins, formally known as “Juice WRLD,” is showcased...

Austins rodeo ropes in Sublime

Austin’s rodeo ropes in Sublime

Hunter-Rose Comtois, reporter April 2, 2015

Getting a text from my boyfriend's mom asking me if I wanted to go to Austin's rodeo was almost an immediate "no" until she mentioned Sublime. Growing up in New England, I've never been to a rodeo,...

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The student newspaper and broadcast of Cedar Park High School