The Mystery of What Life Could be

Imagine Living in a Video Game


photo by Morgan Kasel

“In the summer of 2009, the 40th anniversary of the moon landing took place, and with it emerged a small population of people who believed it was fake. As the history of Apollo 11 recedes into the background of history, the belief that it was all staged grows stronger.”

Lacie Perry, Reporter

There is a belief that our world is a product of a simulation, one that is in the hands of a higher intelligent being that we humans are too dim to comprehend. Some people think that the beings are some sort of extraterrestrial life, others believe that it is our future selves. Whatever it is that is controlling our world, I believe there is a possibility that it is true, and that our universe is really just a program that we are little pieces of. By the end of this, my goal is to make you, yes you, believe it as well. 

This edition of my conspiracies column is going to be more of a chat, a little talk between two friends…we are friends right? Okay, good. Well in the good graces of a friend, I want to educate you a little more on the belief that this world is a simulation, and it is indeed controlled by someone else. I mean, how could it not be?

Let’s look at all of the facts that I have compiled. Think of our world as a video game, you’re just going along and living it to the best of your ability. The goal is to start a new adventure and complete it the best you can. There might be minor or major setbacks in your life, but aren’t they just little things that help you become who you are along the way? It seems to me that it is very similar to gaining bonuses and gifts in games when you overcome an obstacle. 

What about the fact that whenever you look away from an object, you know it’s still there because you just saw it. Maybe you are very, very wrong. Again, think about it in the sense of a video game. When you are playing a game, you can only see part of the world that you are currently in, everything else renders in as you approach it. Why could it not be the same for us? Picture it for a moment, if you are looking at an object in front of you, it’s already rendered in because you are facing it and have been looking at it for a while, but how do you know that anything exists out of your line of sight? 

That voice that is chatting away behind you could very well be a simulated sound and not a real human being. You will never know because the moment you turn towards the sound, the person, or thing will appear as you begin to look at them, just like in a game.  

I’m sure most of us have been so caught up in a task that you subconsciously block out the rest of the world, such as reading a book that is so good you can’t put it down, and it plays out in your head like you have become one of the characters, or playing a video game that seems so virtually realistic that all else beyond that is forgotten. I believe that’s what is going on in our world. The creators of this simulation have got us so hooked that we don’t notice anything besides what they want us to see. 

Though we do not know who the creator of this “simulation” could be, I hope we find out soon, I’ve got a few questions for them, we can believe that they are most likely a caring entity, and are obviously very skilled at creating simulated universes. Maybe, just maybe, one day the maker of this creation will show themselves, and teach us the ways of the game and how it was really supposed to go. 

Until that day comes, however…I wonder…how good are you at video games?