Farewell, Journalism Seniors

Paige Hert, Adviser

These students spent their high school time celebrating and telling the stories of everyone else. Now, it’s their turn. Congratulations to the seniors in the Yearbook, Newspaper and Broadcast programs for their hard work and dedication to telling the stories of Cedar Park High School.

Broadcast – The Wolfcast

Ella Neel (Three Years)

“My name is Ella Neel and I have been the anchor of the Wolfcast for three years. There’s a lot that goes into making a Wolfcast, but my job was to write the script for the shows and then be on air for them. After high school I will be continuing my journalism education at Marymount Manhattan College in New York City. My favorite broadcast memory was last year when all the leadership staff would get together once a month and go to dinner and go bowling, I loved that bonding time we had before Covid 19.” Photo by Victor Martinez





Giselle Muniz (Two Years)

“I have been a part of broadcast for the past two years, my first one as a reporter and this year as Associate Producer. 🙂 My favorite part of this program has been that I have learned how to work with a team and work for the good of a program and not just for my own good. I have learned how to be confident with the things I do and the decisions I make.” Photo by German Muniz




Justin Bohrer (Three Years)

Brody Bush (Three Years)

Elizabeth Coers (Three Years)

Claire Mallet (Three Years)

Victor Martinez (Three Years)

John Pae (Three Years)

Conner Smith (Three Years)

Luke Johnson (Two Years)

Amelia Kaza (Two Years)

Brooke Meredith (Two Years)

Igancio Miguel Borrego (Two Years)

Griffin Wade (Two Years)

Travis Weir (Two Years)

Sam Mack (One Year)

Preston Scott (One Year)


Newspaper – The Wolfpack

Estefani Rios- (Three Years on the Wolfpack and Three Years on the Tracks Yearbook Staff) 

“I have been on the Wolfpack newspaper and Tracks yearbook staffs for three years. I served as editor-in-chief of the Wolfpack for two years. In addition to my duties of completing pages for the yearbook and writing, editing and publishing stories for the Wolfpack, I have also managed the CPHSNews social media for the past two years. After high school, I plan to major in Social Work and focus on working in the foster care system.  There was never a day on either staff that I didn’t enjoy. I got to do what I love, which is to write, and also bond with everyone. While the environment of the newspaper staff is more close-knit, the yearbook staff is the best jumble of personalities that you can’t find anywhere else. It’s so weird thinking that I won’t see them every day next year, but I know that the relationships I created with some of the people on staff are going to last for years.” Photo by Mari Rios


Kaiya Wilkinson (One Year)

“I have been on the Newspaper staff for one year and I was a reporter and wrote articles. My plan after high school is to go to BYU-Idaho, still not sure what my major will be but I’m going to wing it when I get there. A few more things about me are I swim, I play water polo, I also play piano and the most surprising fact is I have five younger siblings who are quintuplets. My favorite part of being in Newspaper was hanging out with Ms. Hert and Ally during the Newspaper class. It was super fun to go on random adventures and stuff. I also liked to write opinion articles.” Photo by Rachelle Wilkinson



Morgan Kasel (Three Years)


Tracks Yearbook 

Abby Cheek (Three Years)

“I have been on staff since sophomore year. I became a content editor my junior year and have remained there into senior year. My duties ranged from editing spreads and stories to trying to keep my team in line and get all of our stuff done. I loved my fellow staff members and became close with a lot of them and the yearbook teacher, Mrs. Hert. I will miss the class and everyone a part of it. My leaders became my friends and the class became my life, wouldn’t change it for the world. My plans for the future are to go to Tarleton state and major in biology/kinesiology to become an occupational therapist. I will live on campus and can’t wait to meet my roommate and decorate and get settled in!” Photo by Morgan Wood





Grace Cox (Three Years)

“My name is Grace Cox and I have been a part of the journalism program for four years (1 in journalism and 3 in yearbook). While being in yearbook, I have been content editor and senior ads editor. While being a content editor, I was in charge of editing papers and helping my team with their work. While being a senior ad editor, I was in charge of contacting parents and creating their student’s senior ad. While in high school I was involved in over 18 clubs and kept myself busy inside and outside of the school. I held a job at Randall’s along with being a nanny on the side. After high school I will be attending Texas State. I am going to major in Psychology and Business to help me with my career in real estate. I am working on getting my real estate license so while I am in college I can lease and sell houses and apartments. I also will be working at an apartment complex as a Community Assistant where I will plan events and give tours to new residents.  One of my favorite memories of the yearbook program was when class began we would always meet and talk about our life’s and what was going on in them. This was amazing because we got to build relationships with each other. Another one of my favorite memories was all of the extra time we spent in Lab 7 it was in those moments where although we were stressed with deadlines we were able to always have a good laugh. ” Photo by Faith Cox



Bridget Grant-McGirr (Two Years)

“Hi I’m Bridget! I’ve been on the yearbook staff for two years now and did one year of photojournalism before joining. After high school I pan on attending the University of North Texas and majoring in Criminal Justice. I hope one day to be a criminal profiler/criminologist! My favorite memory from being in yearbook was our Halloween party we had this year. We all got dressed up and tried to guess each others costumes over Zoom with our cameras off.” Photo by Kathy Cuff