Big Hero 6 Movie Review

Avery Deen, Reporter

Movie: Big Hero 6

Directors:  Don Hall, Chris Williams

Release Date: November 7, 2014

Rating: 8/10


“Big Hero 6” is the latest Disney film. The movie follows the story of a young genius named Hiro Hamada who is a talented inventor. He is inspired by his older brother Tadashi and his creation Baymax, a robot he invented to help care for the sick and injured. Hiro creates an incredible robot, but tragedy strikes and everything is taken from him. Later, Hiro realizes that a masked figure has stolen his invention. Hiro teams up with his equally-nerdy friends and Baymax to take revenge. They have to work together and get a little inventive to save the day. Hiro and his friends modify their inventions, giving them superhero-like abilities. They then have to learn how to use their creations in new ways in order to take down the villain.

I found the movie cute and heartwarming; who wouldn’t love big cuddly Baymax? I liked how “Big Hero 6” was about a boy overcoming grief, which is a very down to earth and relatable storyline in comparison to their last big hit, Frozen. The animation was stunning and it felt like I was right there in the futuristic city of San Fransokyo. I highly recommend this movie; I loved how all the characters were just everyday people with a knack for robotics – they weren’t superheroes, just college kids trying to take back what was theirs.