Tennis Team Serves Tough Competition Going Into Playoffs


Preparing for playoffs, the tennis team celebrates before district play. The team will face Montgomery at A&M. “I am looking forward to good competition, and team-wise I’m hoping we are able to pull through,” junior varsity member Bryce Bailey said. “I think right now we have a lot of confidence being district finalists.”

Addy Bates, Reporter

After placing second in district and making it to playoffs for the sixth year in a row, the tennis team is ready to continue the school’s legacy and dominate in playoffs. The team is currently in the first round of playoffs and is preparing to play against some of the best schools in the area this season.

“I am looking forward to good competition, and team-wise I’m hoping we are able to pull through,” junior varsity member Bryce Bailey said. “I think right now we have a lot of confidence being district finalists.”

Bailey, who has been on the varsity team since his freshman year, said he has been working harder this year and competing in more tournaments in order to do well in the upcoming playoff games.

“I think this year I have improved a lot from last year, [and as a team], I think we have improved a lot on both sides, meaning boys and girls,” Bailey said. “I feel like I have a lot of confidence that I’m doing the right things.”

Even though the players compete in doubles and singles events, players who have not played in every game this year have also helped their teammates throughout the season, such as varsity extra, junior Akash Shetty.

“Akash is a great motivation to my performance,” Bailey said. “Before every game, he gives me a nice pep talk and helps with motivation.”

This is Shetty’s second year on the team and his first year being a varsity extra. Other than practicing with the other players, Shetty has gone to every match this season and has helped with providing materials and feedback in order to strengthen the team.

“I am excited to be there to support my team, provide for them and clap for them,” Shetty said. “I have really improved my form by watching them and [now] I have better gameplay.”

Shetty will also be with the team as they face different schools during playoffs and is ready to support his teammates.

“It’s great being with the varsity team because I get to practice with new people, even if I get less playing time,” Shetty said. “I have improved my game when playing against the opponents.”

Players will be competing in both singles and doubles, and the first person that makes it to 10 sets wins. The varsity won their first match 10-3 against Bastrop and will be facing Montgomery this Friday at A&M Consolidated.