The Wolfpack

Summer Service

Residents' children take a break to play games on the computers before dinner at Casa Marianella. Senior Kieren Garner said the despite the hard work, along with the mental and physical exhaustion, she has never felt such pride and fulfillment in something she does.

Kaley Johnson, Reporter

September 5, 2019

The average summer for a teenager usually entails things like going on vacation, hanging out with friends or in today’s generation, sitting in front of the TV with a bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. Senior Kieren Garner, however, chose to spend her time helping others at Casa Marianella, a refugee home...

Time to Volunteer

Helping out Jess Gilles, an instructor for Hopeful Hearts, freshman MJ Kelly poses with horse Hercules on Oct. 20. Kelly rode on Hercules and practiced their trotting and right diagonal.

Estefani Rios, Reporter

October 22, 2018

Volunteer Season. The time when students join clubs and honor societies. The time when students are desperately looking for volunteer hours and opportunities. The time to help the community. Below are four options in which students can volunteer and contribute to the community. 1.Cedar Park Publi...

Project Lavender Underway

Seniors Isabelle Thai, Kelsey Jones and Nithila Ilangovan founded Project Lavender to help support chemotherapy patients.

Kaley Johnson, Reporter

October 13, 2018

Three DECA students are taking initiative this year as they prepare for the new community service campaign called Project Lavender. The project is being put on by seniors Nithila Ilangovan, Kelsey Jones and Isabelle Thai. They, along with many other students, will be making “Lavender Care Packages” to...

Students volunteer in local Miracle League

Addison Neely

February 19, 2010

     Most students are required to obtain a certain number of community service hours because of their involvement in various service clubs and organizations. Many of these students are branching out from the normal volunteer opportunities and are participating with Miracle League. This league is...

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