6 Tips to Make Voting Easier

Jordy Peterson, Reporter

If you’re 18, then you can vote for the next President in the upcoming election. Since it’s your first time, you may not know exactly what to do. Here are some tips to help you be more confident in the voting process.

The last day to register for Texas voting was Oct. 11. You cannot vote if you did not register.

After you’ve registered:

1. Voting Confirmation

Before you show up to the polls, check to confirm that your registration has been approved. You should’ve received a form in the mail to validate your acceptance. It never hurts to verify.

2. Voting Locations

Every state has different voting sites, but you can visit www.canivote.org and select “Texas” to find the polling place nearest you.  

3. IDs

A valid form of identification is required to vote, most common is a current driver’s license. You can check online to see what other sorts of ID will be permitted in Texas polling locations.

4. Do Your Research

Thoroughly research all the politicians (that are on the ballot) initiatives and ideas that could possibly be enacted if they’re elected. Researching will help you make an effective decision in determining who the next leader of our country will be.

5. Time

Most voters go to the polls in the after-work hours; that is when it’ll likely be very busy. Coordinate your personal schedule so you can beat the crowds of people.

6.Don’t Rush It

Making an error on your ballot is a hassle to fix. Many states have a sample ballot online so you can be familiar with the real ballot’s formatting. Do not be afraid to ask for help. Poll workers are happy to assist you in correctly filling out your forms.