CPHS News Hosts Annual Variety Show This Thursday


Graphic by Estefani Rios

Cedar Park Tonight is taking place on April 25 at 7 p.m. in the Performing Arts Center (PAC).

Estefani Rios, Reporter

For the past two years, CPHS News has organized Cedar Park Tonight (CPT), an event that showcases the best of CPHS in one night, according to CPHS News advisor Anthony Garcia. This year is no different, as they host their third annual variety show this Thursday.

CPT will take place in the Performing Arts Center (PAC) at 7 p.m. and is being hosted by The Wolfcast anchors, sophomore Ella Neel and junior Evan Vines.

Tickets are on sale online for $5 and $10 at the door. Teachers can get in free with their badge or a donation of their choice.

Performances range from the Pitch Black and Seasons choirs, a preview of the “Willy Wonka” musical, carpool karaoke with teachers and a student band, The Lööps.

The Lööps’ lead guitarist and singer, junior Luke Ferguson, said that they have been refining their songs for the past week and making sure that everything is accounted for before the show.

“I’m looking forward to the experience of playing in front of this many people, especially my peers,” Ferguson said. “I’m looking to just have fun with it.”

Preparations for the show began two months ago. Executive producer of CPT, junior Iriyana Lipkin, said that preparing consists of brainstorming concept ideas, scheduling with teachers, coming up with interview questions for segments and overall making sure that the show flows.

It’s a super funny and lighthearted show that includes what students want to see, so I think it’s definitely worth it to come and see it.

— Iriyana Lipkin (11)

“Each person involved with the show and broadcast has a specific job and specific part of the show that they’re in charge of,” Lipkin said. “It takes a lot of planning and organization to have all your little pieces in line for it come together for the final show.”

Sophomore Braxton Fehrenbach, who plays Charlie Bucket, said the “Willy Wonka” preview at CPT is important because it provides an opportunity to share the theatre’s hard work and moral of the play.

“The preview is important because it will give our potential audiences the best look at this incredible project,” Fehrenbach said. “I want the audience to see this show because it captures the mysticality and wonderful rags to riches story that I grew up watching. This show is incredible because it has this awesome moral of what might become of you if you treat people with respect and kindness.” 

According to Lipkin, CPT is going to be more fast-paced than last year’s, but it will still include crowd favorites. Lipkin said she encourages people to see the show because of its uniqueness.

“I would invite students to go see the show because it’s not like any other show Cedar Park puts on, and it’s more about the personalities at Cedar Park,” Lipkin said. “It’s a super funny and lighthearted show that includes what students want to see, so I think it’s definitely worth it to come and see it.”

After CPT wraps up on Thursday, theatre presents “Willy Wonka” this Friday in the cafeteria at 7 p.m., Saturday at 10 a.m, 1 and 6 p.m. and on Sunday at 1 p.m. Tickets are no longer available online, but will be sold at the door one hour before showtime. It is  $10 for students and $13 for adults.