Art student success

On Feb. 22nd CPHS Art students participated in the Region 13 North VASE (Visual Art Scholastic Event).

Each of these students had artwork(s) receiving a Superior Rating (IV) and was presented a Regional Medal.


Mackenzie Dunnehoo, 1 piece (1 Ceramics entry advanced to state)

Marian Herring, 2 pieces (1 Drawing entry advanced to state)


Jasmine Etienne, 1 piece

Megan Forbes, 2 pieces

Savannah Freeze, 2 pieces

Joseph Gerules, 2 pieces

Kaitlin Grelle, 2 pieces

Jackie Hilton, 2 pieces

Reilly Lowe, 1 piece

Luis Martinez, 2 pieces

Ashton Priddy, 1 piece

Lexi Rima, 1 piece

Matthew Robertson, 2 pieces

Emily Roblee, 2 pieces

Paige Townsend, 2 pieces

Nataniel Carrasquillo Medina, 1 piece

Katie Huff, 2 pieces

Maria Johnson, 2 pieces

Amber Smith, 1 piece

Mai Tran, 1 piece

Samantha Vaters, 2 pieces

Rachel Borges, 2 pieces

Emily Barcenas, 2 pieces

Madison Cox, 2 pieces

Sara Fry, 2 pieces

Jessica Holcomb, 1 piece

Sarah Ingram, 2 pieces

Ramsey Jenschke, 1 piece

Aaron Richter, 2 pieces

Grace Thomas, 1 piece

Faith Thomas, 2 pieces