Celebrities finish the year strong with great Spring Show

Lauren Kriss

This year’s Spring Show really was the Celebrities’ finest hour. Every second of the three night event was filled with dazzling performances by the Celebrities as well as some very special guests, including the CPMS Crimson Cadets, the Emeralds, Knowles Elementary, Cedar Park Dance Company as well as CPHS’ own Rising Stars and Winter Guard. Not to mention hosts seniors David Looney and Chris Vaughn.

“Our Finest Hour” opened with “Pop Danthology 2012”, a routine that showcased all the squads and companies within the team through a mash-up of 2012’s most popular songs. The opener was a favorite of senior Captain Katie Seesselberg and senior line member Melissa Acosta.

“It makes me feel powerful,” Acosta said.

As for Seesselberg, it was just a good time.

“It was really fun and the song was fun to dance to,” Seesselberg said.

Between the various hip-hop routines like Knowles Elementary’s “Holla at the DJ”, Winter Guard’s district winning “Spy Versus Spy”, and the annual Guys’ Dance to “Suit and Tie” there was plenty of lighthearted fun.

But behind all the glamour was a lot of hard work, according to Seesselberg.

“Getting prepared and getting everything perfect was the most difficult part,” Seesselberg.

New Celebrity Kaleigh Welch also acknowledges the immense effort that went into this year’s showcase.

“The hardest part of the show was the physical stress of the practices,” Welch said. “But the best part was just being on stage under the lights and performing with my team.”

The spring show is a time of celebration, but it also marks the end of the season. It’s the last time that the team gets to dance together, some who have even danced together their whole lives.

The hardest part of this year’s senior dance was to ‘This Ain’t Goodbye” by Train, according to Acosta.

“It was hard because it was the last time I danced with all my friends,” Acosta said.

The crowning moment of spring show, according to Seesselberg, was the finale.

“My favorite moment was the ending position of our finale because it showed that our hard work paid off,” Seesselberg said, “It made me proud.”

Junior Second Lieutenant Devan Dudek, who is running to be next year’s team captain, agrees with Seesselberg.

“Everyone was crying and it was really emotional,” Dudek said.

With their last hurrah over and done with, the Celebrities are looking forward to next year. With officer tryouts going, and officer and line camp over the summer the Celebrities will be busy.

According to Seesselberg, Celebrities will help her succeed as a Rangerette at Kilgore College next year.

“I learned how to be a good leader and what sisterhood really means,” Seesselberg said.