Coach Pederson Gives Inspirational Presentation

Lizzy Lamm

Coach Philip Pederson, wrestling coach and world geography teacher gave a presentation to parents and students about having the self-discipline to make yourself successful.

“The speech has two main parts- teaching kids what it takes to be successful, and helping parents meet the students’ emotional needs so that they can help them and show they care,” Pederson said.

Pederson also talked about some of his personal experiences as a child growing up in Iowa.

“Pederson’s presentation encourages parents to be open to hearing what their students have to say,” parent Jim Lamm said.

Coach Pederson decided to develop a presentation to parents when he saw that there were a lot of students that could reach their full potential but needed their parent’s support to help them succeed.

 “It’s good to hear about parents connecting more with their kids after they come to the presentation,” Pederson said. “It helps them create a better family, and if you have good families, I believe it can create a better school.”

Pederson is planning to present another speech soon with a date still in the works.