Girls gear up for Powderpuff game

      Every spring for the past eleven years, junior and senior girls have rallied against each other in one of the most exciting games of the year: the Powderpuff football game. This year is no different.

     The traditional girls’ flag football game which is sponsored by Debbie Wieland, Student Council sponsor, started as a fund-raiser for Student Council. Originally the game was played between the freshman and sophomore girls. Eleven years from its conception the game is still intact and clearly still popular, considering the approximated 120 girls that have signed up to play this year’s May 25 game.

     “They love it,” Wieland said. “I don’t know if it’s the opportunity to get out on the field and be rough like boys, but they love it.”

     The girls have many reasons for signing up to play, such as the thirst for competition or simply the love of getting to play with their teammates. One of the most prominent reasons, however, is the love of football and the desire to be aggressive in a sportsmanlike way.

       “The best part is ‘tackling’ which in flag football is just grabbing the flag, but the whole thing is awesome,” Ivette Wegricht, senior, said. “It’s good competition and I love it! We’re looking forward to taking the juniors down.”

     Each year, senior girls who have the chance to play two years in a row relish the ability to play again, and are often expected to win due to the fact that they have been victorious every year except for 2008. Contrary to popular belief, however, the game is not rigged. The seniors this year are especially confident in their abilities and can’t wait to improve on last year’s game. “I wanted to [play] again this year and improve my football skills,” Brittney Anderson, senior, said. “My favorite thing about Powderpuff is having fun with my teammates at practices, and also during the game. I love the opportunity to run in fun plays to help our team win!”

     The junior girls this year, however, are gearing up to give the seniors a run for their money.

      “The junior class is very well organized this year,” Wieland said. “They may have a shot [at winning].”

     Though this will be their first year playing, members of the junior class team have seen past games and are excited to partake in the fun and friendly competition.

     “I wanted to play because I’ve always loved going to and watching all the other grades play each other and it looked like a lot of fun,” Taylor Tucker, junior, said. “The juniors are going to win for sure. We have the most ambition and athleticism.”

     Despite the trash talk and the intense competition of the girls who play, the game is seen as an excellent way for the girls, seniors especially, to say goodbye to their high school friends and have an experience to remember.

      “It really does help create tradition at this school,” Mrs. Wieland said, “and helps boost the girls’ pride in their alma mater.”

     Though both teams are striving for victory, the game has yet to be played. Cedar Park students can witness the final outcome May 25 at 7:00 pm.