Spring Show goes retro

Avery Deen, Reporter

Celebrities, Rising Stars, Crimson Cadets, the Color Guard and all the dance classes will come together on April 30 through May 2 to perform their annual Spring Show, themed “Timeless Classics” in the PAC.

“I personally love the theme because it helps bring back some of the older songs that everyone really loved, and ties in with all styles of dancing,” freshman Rising Star Tabby Farr said. “I am looking forward to seeing all of the dances come together to make the theme really stand out, and to watch this cohesive and beautiful show.

The majority seem to be looking forward to reviving the songs and dances from the classic 80’s movie “Dirty Dancing,” especially junior Rising Star Lizzy Lamm.

“I’m really looking forward to the Dirty Dancing production,” Lamm said. “It’s our opening number and it has all our favorite songs from the movie and everyone get to be a part of it. I also got to choreograph part of the Rising Stars dance.”

The teams have bought several new costumes to match the new dances, but junior Celebrity Bailey Goerner still looks forward to wearing her Celebrities uniform the most.

“It’s the last time this team will dance together in our uniforms before all the seniors leave,” Goerner said. “The other costumes are so fun because every dance has a different costume. Some of them are sassy some of them are sweet and its just a lot of fun to put on the costume to help play the part the dance is portraying.”

The dancers are all putting in several hours every day to prepare for Spring Show, every team has several dances to practice and perfect before the big performance. Many dancers are rehearsing in their free time as well, like junior Celebrity Jessie Thiemann.

“The Celebrities and all the other dancers involved put in so much time, not only into practicing for the show, but working on building the runway, costumes, music ideas, choreography, and scripting,” Thiemann said. “The Celebrities practice for an hour and a half  every morning and the Saturday before show week we work from 8 a.m. to about 5 p.m. We feel more prepared than ever before and are quite confident in our team.”

Performances start at 7 p.m. all three days and pre-sale $5 student tickets are being sold in the cafeteria during lunches this week. All tickets at the door will be $10.