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‘Love, Lizzo’ Documentary Released on HBO Max


Penny Moreno

HBO Max released a documentary about the singer/songwriter Lizzo on Nov. 26. The documentary covers Lizzo’s life before and after she became a popular celebrity. The documentary is high energy and fun while also tackling and bringing attention to important issues in society.

Penny Moreno, Reporter

My mom and I sat on the couch wondering which movie we wanted to watch. Both of us had a stressful week and we both wanted to relax and watch a new movie that was recently released. I began to browse HBO Max and we didn’t find anything we were interested in until we came across Lizzo’s new documentary called “Love, Lizzo.”

The documentary begins with clips of Lizzo when she was younger and then transitions to clips of Lizzo performing while an audience is cheering her name. This immediately reminded me of when I saw Lizzo perform in 2019 at Austin City Limits. She had just begun to get really popular because of one of her most popular songs in 2019 called “Truth Hurts.” At the time “Truth Hurts” was playing 24/7 on all radio stations and became one of the most popular songs that year. At ACL, she had a smaller stage and I remember vividly that it felt like every person at ACL went to go see her perform. 

The plot began with Lizzo talking to the audience explaining that she “always was trying to chase the music” hoping to get to her dream of being a big music star. Then it moves to Lizzo giving background information about her childhood and explaining her life as she was growing up. Next, the documentary transitioned to her life during the pandemic. She explains how the pandemic affected her and how much it affected other people at the time. Then the documentary goes back to her childhood in high school. In addition, the documentary continues with Lizzo explaining how her music career developed into what it has become. The documentary focused on how she began to feel confident in her body and how she hopes to be a voice in spreading body positivity and really opens up about her life before she became super popular and after she became popular.

I really enjoyed that the documentary was split up in different parts and I was always interested in her life and the fact that there were so many things that I didn’t know about her. I found her authenticity really refreshing and honestly really inspiring because she constantly strives to be her true authentic self, carrying herself with confidence that I aspire in myself.

I admire that her music carries so much meaning and she truly tries to be a voice for change in the world. I was happily surprised by this documentary because I had always loved her music but had never known much about her. I thought that the documentary was the perfect amount of fun energy while also tackling and bringing awareness to serious issues. Her humor really brought the documentary to life and set it apart from others.

I definitely would recommend this documentary to everyone, I think everyone could find entertainment and could be interested in her story. She uses her popularity to influence others and I think that she uses her voice really well as an icon and musician which I feel is not done by many celebrities. My perception of her definitely changed after the documentary and I enjoyed watching it a lot. Lizzo has gained my respect and learning about how she worked hard to become the confident and talented women she is today inspired me and this documentary will inspire others as well. 

Penny’s Rating 

Plot Rating: 8/10

Music: 9.5/10

Overall Rating: 8.5/10