Track Prepares for the District Championship


Coach Jett

The CP Track Team has been training for the District Championship everyday since Jan.

Jordy Peterson, Reporter

Track has been preparing for their district meet on Apr. 12-13 at Eastview High School. Since mid Jan., they have been practicing nearly everyday for hours after school.

“Track season is pretty exciting this year,” sophomore Sophia Roach said. “We have an awesome group of girls that care so much for each other and make track meets fun. We have been doing very hard workouts to help prepare us for districts. We are also making sure we are getting the right amount of recovery to make sure we don’t get injured.”

Many athletes are participating in track to keep them conditioned for other sports.

“Pushing really hard in track keeps me in shape for football,” sophomore Aaron Esparza said. “We have practice everyday after school, and I really push myself to the fullest, because I know I will get better.”

The workouts are different everyday, but one exercise they often repeat is called “Baylor.” The team sprints a 200, jogs a 200, then sprints a 200 again, four more times. Before a meet, they practice handoffs with each other, to strengthen their coordination. The athletes train for their specific events during practice, so they can perform well in the district championship.

“I run the 400 and the mile relay,” Esparza said. “It is a very tough race and it tests your mental strength, as well as your physical endurance.”

Not only have the athletes been training for districts, but the coaches have dedicated their time and efforts for the success of the team. The coaches have worked individually with each track member, to fortify their weaknesses.

“We’ve got a lot of talented kids this year,” head track Coach Brent Brittain said. “Winning the district championship would but great, but we’ve really been focusing on getting better each week.”