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Humans of CP: Hannah Stein

Humans of CP: Hannah Stein

Jordy Peterson, Reporter

June 2, 2017

Not only is sophomore Hannah Stein an all AP student, she’s also a dancer at Impact Dance Company. Stein has juggled between studying for AP Psychology tests and late night dance practices, while still maintaining active in her church, social life and as a leader of multiple clubs at Cedar Park. ...

10 Ways to Have the Best Summer

Jordy Peterson, Reporter

May 31, 2017

Music festivals in Austin Port Aransas or Corpus Christi Start summer assignments early Summer camp Farmers’ markets Happy Hour at Sonic Find a new favorite restaurant Volunteer at the animal shelter Redecorate your room Get a summer job...

Madi Fujawa Wins State in Theatre Marketing

Jordy Peterson, Reporter

May 5, 2017

On April 15, Madi Fujawa was awarded first place in UIL State for Theatre Marketing. In the competition, participants follow a basic set of guidelines to create a mock marketing product for a theatre production. Fujawa researched the prompt and started the design process, where she designed a poster, sp...

Houston Fuller Releases Music on SoundCloud

Houston Fuller's SoundCloud recently hit 930 followers. The link to his profile is:

Jordy Peterson, Reporter

April 27, 2017

When junior Houston Fuller was a freshman, his EP under his old alias, H.E.F, was signed to a record label. This means that his own music was released on a several online stores, like iTunes and Spotify. Recently, he changed his SoundCloud name to Huey, instead of H.E.F “Huey was a nickname I had...

8 Tips to Survive AP Tests

With AP tests just around the corner, it's important to destress and study, so you can perform your very best.

Jordan Peterson, Reporter

April 27, 2017

Know the schedule of the AP tests. Instead of cramming the night before, go to bed instead. Eat a full breakfast and bring snacks. Wear comfortable clothes. Bring a jacket, in case your room is cold. Start reviewing now, a good source is Prioritize your studying, based on yo...

StuCo Campaigns for Officer Positions

Student Council meets every Wednesday during Den in Mr. Babich’s room (S109) to plan events and fundraisers, and discuss student issues.

Jordy Peterson, Reporter

April 11, 2017

Student Council members have been campaigning for leadership positions for the past two weeks. Starting today, students can vote for the new class officers through Naviance, until Apr. 13. “Our goal is to connect students with different aspects of the school,” StuCo sponsor Adam Babich said. “We ...

Amare Outreach Visits CP

LHS senior Jared Bouloy, co founder of the Amare Outreach program, visits nearby schools to talk to students about mental health.

Jordy Peterson, Reporter

March 28, 2017

During Den on Mar. 23, Leander High School's Amare Outreach Program visited CP. Amare Outreach is a nonprofit organization founded by students Dana Pierce and Jared Bouloy last year. Amare Outreach was created to aid those who have been, or are currently struggling with a mental illness, eating disord...

Track Prepares for the District Championship

The CP Track Team has been training for the District Championship everyday since Jan.

Jordy Peterson, Reporter

March 24, 2017

Track has been preparing for their district meet on Apr. 12-13 at Eastview High School. Since mid Jan., they have been practicing nearly everyday for hours after school. “Track season is pretty exciting this year," sophomore Sophia Roach said. "We have an awesome group of girls that care so much...

10 Best Curse Words Substitutions

Jordy Peterson, Reporter

February 22, 2017

Swearing isn't particularly a great habit. Here are 10 cursing substitutions that are acceptable to holler when you stub your toe or drop your phone. Great Googley Moogley Heavens to Betsy Gee Willikers Jeepers Shucks Son-of- a Baptist Preacher Son- of-a Motherless Goat Shut the Front ...

5 Ways to Survive School Until Spring Break

Jordy Peterson, Reporter

February 16, 2017

We’ve made it almost an entire six weeks since the beginning of the semester, and Spring Break is now just around the corner. It can be quite difficult to have the motivation to go to school, but worry not, Spring Break is 23 days away. Here are a couple ways you can survive school until Spring Br...

Cockroach Chronicles: Day 1

Jordy Peterson, Reporter

February 13, 2017

You’ve most definitely seen me. You leer in disgust; you refuse to use the school bathrooms in fear of my presence. But fear not, I mean you no harm. I am only here to observe the lives of Cedar Park students from the inside- of the restrooms. I am a cockroach. And I have most definitely seen you. Day...

Valentine’s Day Recipe: Red Velvet Cupcakes

Jordy Peterson, Reporter

February 10, 2017

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and these cupcakes are a perfect treat to share with your friends, family or your significant other. If desired, you could eat the entire batch of cupcakes all by yourself, although we highly advise against doing so. Happy Valentine’s Day, Cedar Park. Red Velvet...

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